We were approached by Carne & Co to assist with rebuilding the Cumbria Tourism corporate website. They wanted achieve the following goals:

– Promote Cumbria Tourism to potential members
– Boost exposure to B2B directory to encourage more suppliers to advertise
– Provide an online system for members to purchase advertising slots / products
– Position Cumbria Tourism as an authority through our research and statistics
– Promote events through an events page and interactive calendar
– Encourage audience interaction through social media


Cumbria Tourism


Our solution was to utilise a flexible and editable CMS, so that staff members could easily add and edit a rich variety of content going forwards.

We incorporated an e-shop, business directory and customisable advertising banner sections into the site – these work together to give advertising businesses more exposure, and allow customers to easily purchase online memberships and additional products/services.

The integration of Chart.js with custom post types enables Cumbria Tourism to update and display relevant statistics through various graph styles.

The construction of an Events page with interactive calendar and custom-built ‘social media wall’ allowed us to meet our remaining goals, and make it easy for users to see what’s going on at the moment.

Finally, we collaborated with Carne & Co. to ensure that the site was useable and performed well across the broad spectrum of devices and browsers.

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