// Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds // Development

A theatre website built with WordPress and the Spektrix API

// Overview

Whilst working for WeAreBeard I was tasked with the development of a new website for The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, The old website used an outed version of the API, relied on iframes for a lot of the functionality and provided little to no experience for memberships, gift certificates or donations.


// Solution

A complete rebuild of the website, providing the client with a bespoke integration of version 3 of the Spektrix API. I utilised a variety of the available web components to give the theatre the ability to take donation in real time via the website. Integration of membership purchases as well as a custom built basket. I also integrated the WordPress CMS into spektrix allowing the theatre to quickly add shows and reference the performances available in the API.

While i was at it i built a custom customer login script to allow customers to log into their accounts and see past purchases, available discounts and membership information.