WordPress & Spektrix Integration (WPSPX)

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Years ago I was approached by a fairly well known theatre to undertake some work on their website. The website was built on WordPress using Spektrix to handle the booking requests.

While working on this website I built my very own plugin called WPSPX to allow for an elegant integration of the two systems. The plugin allowed you to seamlessly integrate the booking system into your WordPress website.

This resulted in a greatly improved experience for users and streamlined booking process.

Update February 2020

It’s been a couple of years since I initially released WPSPX to the public via Github and I think it’s time for a complete overhaul.

With both WordPress and Spektrix updating their API & browsers improving XSS this left the original plugin defunct and rather problematic.

This requires a complete overhaul – a new templating system, removal of outdated shortcodes and a introduction of API V2 functionality.

Update August 2020

Finally – we have a release! WPSPX has been completely rebuilt.

The roadmap moved several times over the last few months and the model changed from what was going to be a licensed plugin to a free plugin.

I opted for an opens open source solution. I wanted to gift something that’s pen to contribution, expansion and ideas. With the pandemic causing as much damage as it has, I thought why not give back to the arts industry where I can.

I have uploaded the plugin to the WordPress plugin repository. Which means you can install it directly inside your website. This gives you the added benefit of a support system and regular updates.

Feel free to download, install and have a play in your WordPress website. You can find the plugin here: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/search/wpspx/ or you can search for WPSPX on your plugin page.

If you experience any issues you can log them in the support channel and i will help where I can. https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wpspx/

You can check out a working demo on https://demo.wpspx.io/.

Feel free to get in touch should you need assistance – consultation charges may apply should the request take more than 10 mins.

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