WordPress & Spektrix Integration (WPSPX)

Recently Years ago I was approached by a well known performance and arts house to undertake some work on their website. The website is built in WordPress and the company use Spektrix to handle the booking requests. While working on this website I built my very own plugin titled WPSPX to allow for an elegant integration of the two systems.

I worked closely with the Spektrix system to build WPSPX. The plugin allow you to seamlessly integrate the booking system into your WordPress website, syncing shows and events between the website and the booking backend, resulting in a greatly improved experience for users and streamlined booking process.

Update February 2020

It’s been a couple of years since I initially released WPSPX to the public via Github and I think it’s time for a complete overhaul. With both WordPress and Spektrix updating their systems & Chrome (along with other browsers) improving the way they deal with cross site scripting it left the original plugin defunct and rather problematic.

WPSPX 2.0 is coming (fairly soon I hope). I have stripped out a lot of the original theatre specific functionality, structured the plugin & removed the shortcodes in favour of templates (this was causing many problems with Gutenburg).

Fig1 -Settings page with inputs for spektrix information
Fig2 – Easy cache clearing button for .txt files from spektrix API
Fig3 = New show page with show dropdown
Fig4 – List of automatically generated pages
Fig5 – Page template for all upcoming shows
Fig6 – Single show page template
Fig7 – Single Show page template, list of bookable instances

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